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If you have missing teeth from disease or injury, you don’t have to keep a partial smile. Through dentures you can fill in what is missing and have a full, healthy smile again.

Our dentist, Dr. Robert Madry, wants you to feel comfortable smiling. That’s why our team at Robert Madry, DDS, General and Cosmetic Dentistry in Corpus Christi, Texas, want you to know about dentures and how they might be the solution for your missing teeth.

Traditional dentures are made of a mix of porcelain, acrylic resin, nylon and chrome cobalt metal. The base of a rigid denture is typically made from resin, however there are newer flexible dentures that are much more malleable with bases made of nylon.

If you chose to go with rigid or flexible dentures, it is important to keep care of them. The life of your dentures depends on your care for them. This means that you should brush your dentures with a soft-bristled toothbrush at least once a day and soak them in a cleaning solution every night to help fight bacteria growing on them.

If you have any questions about dentures and if they’re right for you, set up your appointment today by calling our office at 361-991-7622. Our professional team looks forward to welcoming you in our office soon.