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Have you lost teeth and need to have them replaced? We are pleased to offer dental bridges to fill the gaps of one or more missing teeth, bridging the span of empty space in your smile. This service can help you regain your full oral function following the loss of teeth. We offer a review of dental bridges and how they help regain your smile and improve your daily life.

You can receive a dental bridge that is supported by your natural teeth, dental implants or even both. The process of placing a dental bridge may seem intimidating, but it can significantly enhance your oral comfort. We encourage you to meet with our dentist to determine if this service is right for you and whether you would benefit from a traditional dental bridge, a cantilever or a Maryland bridge.

The initial step of receiving a bridge at Robert Madry, DDS, General and Cosmetic Dentistry is to create an impression of the area in your smile so that you can receive the custom permanent bridge at a later visit. We typically cement a traditional or cantilever bridge to your natural teeth, and we can use wings to fix a Maryland bridge in place. It’s important to show your dental bridge proper care so that it can last for a long time, potentially as much as 10 years with the right amount of attention. Brush your teeth twice a day and floss daily to reduce the risk of dental infections and cavities.

You can solve many issues with speaking or chewing by receiving a bridge to replace tooth loss. Arrange an appointment with Dr. Robert Madry by contacting our office at 361-991-7622 to learn more about dental bridges in Corpus Christi, Texas.