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When seeking a smile makeover to enhance your teeth and gums, always make sure restorations and treatments are provided as needed. If for any reason you have suffered from an oral accident or injury or have any other minor damage occur to the surface area of teeth, speak with your dentist about a cosmetic dentistry treatment such as dental bonding.

Dental bonding has been proven to be highly effective in situations where you have cracks or chips along your teeth. Furthermore, if you’re suffering from any stains or discolorations, or you wish to correct spacing issues associated with gaps between teeth, dental bonding can often be used. Dental bonds are also helpful for reshaping or elongating teeth as needed.

An oral health risk that is commonly associated with gum disease is known as gum recession. When gum recession is occurring, your teeth will slowly pull back away from your gums and expose more surface area of a tooth. If a tooth’s root is exposed, it can cause severe dental damage later on. To minimize the risk, protect a portion of a tooth’s root with dental bonds.

Dental bonding treatments are crafted from resin and porcelain materials and are highly effective for composite resin fillings. Not only are they aesthetically beautiful because they are tooth-colored, but they are also extremely durable and can provide a highly effective filling for repairing any cavities that may be present. If you wish to repair a decayed tooth with a resin tooth-colored composite, speak with your dentist.

Your ideal smile starts with dental bonding care. For an oral examination, call Robert Madry, DDS, General and Cosmetic Dentistry at 361-991-7622. Dr. Robert Madry and our team at our dentist office in Corpus Christi, Texas are ready to bring your smile to a new era. We look forward to improving your smile so it can continue to thrive for many years to come!